Subsidized Financing

The Subsidized Financing Field offers consolidated skills and experience in a variety of forms such as, and not limited to, non-repayable grants or interest subsidies, grants, subsidized loans, tax breaks.
For each individual planned investment, our advice helps the company face the complex labyrinth of Regional, National and European Community regulations.

For each individual planned investment, we assist the customer in all stages of the procedure with the most suitable and profitable tool:

  • Evaluation of the investment plan
  • Elaboration of strategic and business plan
  • Processing and forwarding application form to the evaluator subject
  • Manage and supervise the evaluation process with the responsible subject
  • Final report and ending of the operations
  • Support for any inspections by the authorities in charge

Management Consulting

The activities of Management Consultancy are aimed at the analysis, optimization and documentation of business processes, assessing the importance of each of them, the critical factors and the cost.


  • Planning and redesign of business processes and support system
  • Measurement and control of the process performance
  • Plans to improve the technical and economic performance and process quality
  • Implementation of workflow applications management
  • Warehouse organization and administration of stocks
  • Production planning and verification of the progress
  • Study and preparation cycles processing, detection time and study new processing methods
  • Design of coding systems for materials, setting technical papers
  • Study and production of the layout of the company


The current economic national situation requires companies the need to consider the business opportunities that are offered by foreign markets. Although a trade strategy of this kind can represent an important opportunity for growth, in order to know in depth the new target markets, the internationalization of Italian companies necessitate a strong commitment on behalf of internal resources.

To assist companies in identifying and achieving opportunities offered by foreign markets, “Rising Innovation” offers advice for the internationalization of enterprises such as:

  • Analysis of specific sectors in international areas
  • Identification of target markets
  • Study of competitors and customer premises
  • Planning presence abroad
  • Support access to finance
  • Monitoring and control of commercial activities in international markets

Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer area promotes the process of transferring and sharing of the know-how, technology and methodology, ideas and products. This will allow companies, universities and research centers a technique to generate and sustain industrial innovation in a systematic and synergetic manner.


  • Coordinating projects of innovative technological research
  • Identification of IT partners and choice of application programs
  • Choice and transitions with trading partners
  • Studies of marketing programs and communications
  • Research and experimentation
  • Management control and planning companies