Youth under 35 and Women

Established the criteria and the rules for granting incentives with no interests addressed to youth between 18 and 35 years old and women who want to create new companies.
It is about financial subsidies aimed to support, throughout Italy, the birth and the development of micro and small companies with a total or at least big  attendance of young people: loans with no interest for investment projects up to 1.5 million Euros.
Projects can involve the production of goods in the industrial sector, artisanship and agricultural product processing or services, in all areas, including trade and tourism.
Special attention is given to activities of social innovation, tourism and enhancing the cultural and environmental heritage.
For the above financial subsidies, they may apply to companies established up to 12 months.
The investment program approved will be financed through subsidized loan at zero interest with a maximum duration of 8 years and a maximum amount to 75% of eligible expenditure.
Companies will therefore have to ensure the funding of the remaining part of the investment program with its own resources.
Investments will be made within 24 months of signing the loan agreement with Invitalia.
In order to apply, It will be necessary wait the next disposition of the Ministry of Economic Development that will indicate timing and modalities.
Applications may be submitted from January 13th 2016.